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Discover a Revolutionary Way to Choose Binoculars – Within 10 Minutes or Less!

Looking for new binoculars for yourself or as a gift? Choosing the right ones doesn’t need to be such a complicated task. Avalon’s professional level binoculars come in only three unique versions: 8×32 (compact), 10×42 (mid size) and 20×50 (full size). Follow our quick guide below to learn more about binoculars and decide which model is best for you:



What Do the Numbers Mean?

If you’ve been shopping around for binoculars you’ve probably noticed that every model name is always followed by two numbers. The first number is their magnification (or zoom/power) and the second number is the diameter of their lenses. For example, 10×42 binoculars will have 10x magnification and 42 mm lenses.

What is the Ideal Magnification?

Some people assume that higher magnification means better binoculars. In reality this is hardly the case. When using binoculars, every slight shake of your hands is also magnified as much as the image is. To prevent image shakiness, it is recommended to use binoculars with either 8x or 10x magnification. You will then be able to enjoy a crisp, stable image and see your subjects in excellent detail from both near and far.

What is the Best Lens Size?

Binoculars with larger lenses (42mm) can gather more light and therefore produce brighter images. They work better in low light settings such as dawn, dusk, fog, rain etc. Compact binoculars (32mm) have smaller lenses which gather less light. They are much lighter and portable and therefore suitable for hiking, mobile use or when you need to travel light.

How to Decide Between Image Quality and Price?

With Avalon binoculars you won’t need to! We don’t produce any low or mid-range binoculars. All our products feature fully multicoated HD lenses, compact lightweight designs, 100% waterproofing and fog-proofing and the highest quality images. We offer professional level binoculars, previously only available to avid bird watchers and hunters, at about half the price.


Best Binoculars for Gift / Bird Watching / Safari / All-Around Use

Avalon 10x42 Pro HD Binoculars

We recommend: Avalon 10×42 Pro HD Binoculars.

Why? This is our best selling model, designed to be the ultimate bird watching and multi-use binoculars. Avalon 10×42 Pro HD are mid-sized yet very lightweight (550 grams / 19.4 ounces) which means you can use them either at home or outdoors. They feature outstanding quality optics for a very affordable price. They are 100% waterproof and produce exceptionally sharp images even in low light settings. The strong 10x magnification, comfortable design and smooth focusing work extremely well for bird watching, nature or wildlife viewing, hunting, sea viewing, plane spotting or nearly any other use. They suit any type of viewer, from a beginner to an avid binoculars user. With twist-up eyecups and a long eye relief they are also the best choice for someone who wears glasses. Beautifully packaged, the Avalon 10×42 Pro HD binoculars also make for a fantastic birthday or Christmas gift.

** Only available in BLACK

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Best Binoculars for Hiking / Sports Viewing / Marine / Horse Races

Avalon 8x32 Mini HD Binoculars

We recommend: Avalon 8×32 Mini HD Binoculars.

Why? The Avalon 8×32 Mini HD Binoculars are our more compact, lightweight model (416 grams / 14.6 ounces). They are designed for traveling and mobile use. Despite their smaller size, these binoculars feature fully multicoated Avalon HD optics and produce sharp, highly defined images. Incorporating 32 mm objective lenses, they are superior to nearly any compact model on the market today. 100% waterproof and fog-proof, they can be used in any environment, including onboard a boat or cruise ship. Their 8x magnification and extra wide field of view make them ideal for following moving subjects (useful for bird watching, sports viewing or looking at wildlife).

** Only available in BLACK


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Best Binoculars for Star Gazing / Plane Spotting / Long Distance (3-20Km)

Avalon 20x50 Outpost Binoculars

We recommend: Avalon 20×50 Outpost Binoculars.

Why? The Avalon 20×50 Outpost Binoculars are our most powerful model. Featuring 20x magnification they were designed for extra long distance viewing. If you are looking at whales, ships, boats or planes from over 2-3 Km away then these are a great choice. Their full size 50mm objective lenses produce brighter images making these binoculars suitable for star gazing and viewing at dawn or dusk.

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Stronger, Further, Better: Avalon Spotting Scope

Avalon 10x42 WP Monocular

We recommend: Avalon 80mm Venture HD Spotting Scope + Avalon Universal PRO Tripod.

Why? If your home has beautiful water views, countryside, beach or landscape then this is the best setup to truly enjoy them. While most telescopes are only designed for astronomy use, the Avalon 80mm Venture HD Spotting Scope offers much more than that. It is an extremely powerful multi-use scope. Ideal for observing the beach, ocean, moon and stars, nature watch, scenery, hunting or wildlife observation. Featuring sharp, high quality optics it is our best selling spotting scope for long distance viewing. For optimal performance we recommend pairing it with the Avalon Universal PRO Tripod.

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